devotaj = actions of devotion 
The word devotaj was dreamed by Kohenet Ketzirah ha’Ma’agelet, the founder of devotaj sacred arts.

The word melds the ideas of devotion and chag (ื—ึทื’) in Hebrew. Simply translated chag means “holiday,” but it’s really a specific reference to the pilgrimage Holy Days where ancient Israelites would travel to Jerusalem or other holy sites.

Devotaj is rooted in Jewish women’s healing & spiritual practices, as well as Jewish folk practices, but you may see the word “haj” – the Muslim pilgrimage in the end of “devotaj”, or hear “pujah,” the Hindu spiritual practices in it.  This is a direct reference to the Devotaj mission to work with Jewish practices and honor the spiritual practices and truth of other traditions.

Devotaj Sacred Arts stands in solidarity with people of color, indigenous peoples, the LGBTQ+ community, Jews of all backgrounds, and those of any faith tradition (or not) that believes that for any of us to be free – we must all be free.