devotaj = actions of devotion

Devotaj Sacred Arts is rooted in Jewish healing & folk practices,
weaving them into the threads of universal spiritual practices.

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Beginning in Tishrei (aka Rosh Hashanah, aka September 2019) I’m going to begin sharing a Kohenet-ized approach to Mussar and a whole new cycle of middot (soul-traits) which are aligned both with the Jewish Wheel of the Year and the Netivot (pathways of Divine Femme).

Anyone who is a $5/month and up Patron by Sept 25, 2019 will be eligible — new and existing patrons. So sign up today!

Blessing for Crรฆftwork

Blessed are you Holy One, whose Presence fills creation, I ask a blessing from all those who have come before me, whose hands have been instruments of creation, compassion, transformation, justice, and beauty.  Those who picked up humble tools and spun with wise hearts; who felt as I will feel, the threads in their fingers, the…