Tu B’Shevat

Resources for the Jewish holiday of Tu B’Shevat.

Shabbat Shirah

Shabbat Shirah falls on the Shabbat early in Sh’vat (Jan/Feb) where we read the Parsha Beshalach, which contains the Song of the Sea (Exodus 15:1鈥18). It’s a custom in Ashkenazic custom to go out and feed the birds (because they sing) on this Shabbat.  So if you check the #challah on instagram, you may see…

Divine Names

Judaism offers us so many G!d/dess names to help us build relationships with the Divine. Because mainstream Judaism is so heavily focused on the masculine side of the Divine, I’ll be focusing on Femme names, and one that I strongly believe is non-binary name of G!d/dess and another I believe to be trans.鈦


Source sheet of resources about mirrors in Jewish tradition.


Reference materials to deep dive into the Jewish holiday of Hanukkah, including it’s connection to the Winter Solstice.

Lulav & Etrog

Dive deep into the symbolism and magickal uses of the lulav and etrog in Jewish tradition.

M’kashefa – Witch

A source sheet of reference material relating to witches in Jewish tradition – especially relating to the word “m’kashefa”


Source Sheet filled with resources relating to amulets from Jewish tradition and beyond.

Anxiety Amulets

Reference materials from Jewish tradition for developing an amulet to sooth anxiety

Rue, Willow, Olive

Sources and resources for Rue, Willow, and Olive from Jewish tradition.