Cosmic Reference Library

Articles, which are generally open to the public, are one-off resources that provide context and a point on a variety of topics related to Judaism and the Sacred Arts such as:

Academy-Level Patron Offerings

Ritual Archive
This resource provides access to a variety of rituals and ceremonies developed by Kohenet Ketzirah haMa’agelet.

Segulot (סגולות)
Jewish spells, remedies, charms, and workings from my personal collection. Some are pulled straight from historic sources and some of my own creation.

Source Sheets
Source sheets which compile perspectives, teachings, and text including both primary and secondary sources, for a variety of topics related to Judaism such as angels, specific plants and herbs, amulets, holidays, etc.

Wheel of the Year (COMING SOON)
This section of the library provides comprehensive resources on the entire Jewish wheel of the year. The Naming the Moons page is available to all.