Kislev / כִּסְלֵו

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Moon of Dreaming (November/December)As the nights grow longer, we read many Torah portions about dreams and dreaming. In these long nights, take the time to dream and re-ignite your creativity. Basics Linear Month: 3Torah Month: 9Season: Autumn to WinterHolidays:  Hanukkah, SolsticeOfferings1: Combinations of Fire and Water or other opposites, Braided CandlesElement2: Fire (אֵשׁ)within Water (מַיִם)Spiritual Focus3:  Personal connection to Divine through creative expressionNetivah: Baalat Ov (בעלת-אוב) Witch/Shamaness/Spirit VesselAstrological Sign:  Keshet (קשת) SagittariusLetter: Samech - סTribe: BenjaminSense: SleepTarot Card4: TemperanceSoul Trait5: Kislev: Yirah/t (יראה/ת) Awestruck, Radical Amazement Note: Letter, Tribe, and Sense are derived from the Sefer YetzirahSee NOTES for additional...

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