Tevet – טֵבֵת

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Moon of Clarity (December/January)Tevet isa month to seek clarity on our path; even though the days are still short and the nights are long and dark. Basics Linear Month: 4Torah Month: 10Season: WinterHolidays:  HanukkahOfferings1: Symbols of Seeking and Light (Compasses, Maps, Candles), Hamsa, EyesElement2: Fire (אֵשׁ) within Water (מַיִם)Spiritual Focus3:  Personal connection to Divine through creative expressionNetivah: Doreshet (דורשת) SeekerAstrological Sign:  G'di (גדי) Capricorn / Kid GoatLetter: Ayin - עTribe: DanSense: AngerTarot Card4: DevilSoul Trait5: Sakranut (סקרנות) Curiosity Note: Letter, Tribe, and Sense are derived from the Sefer YetzirahSee NOTES for additional information on sources of these all correspondences. Tevet...

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