Kesharim K’doshim Mussar

Mussar or Musar (מוסר) is an authentic Jewish spiritual development system that dates back nearly 1000 years, but came into its best known form in in 19th Century Lithuanian. It explains each person has a unique “soul curriculum” and our lives are fulfilled when we understand, engage, and explore it.   While it does not fit everyone’s definition of “divination,” at Devotaj Sacred Arts we consider divination to be listening to the sacred and effectively interpreting those messages. Mussar is all about deep listening and taking action based on what you find to be in better alignment with Becoming (aka Eyeh Asher Eyeh (אהיה אשר אהיה), aka the Divine).

Kesharim K’doshim Mussar (Sacred Connections Mussar) is the Devotaj Sacred Arts approach to mussar, which engages with the interconnections between 13 soul-traits (middot), the 13 Netivot, or pathways of Divine Femme, taught in the Kohenet community, and the 13 months of the Jewish year (during a leap year). Using this we discover our soul-curriculum each year not only by engaging with the traditional middot (soul-traits) of mussar, but also by exploring how they interconnect with the inter-personal, communal, natural, and cosmic forces that influence our lives.

Over 5780 (2019/2020) this new approach to mussar will be explored and shared with Devotaj patrons. Become a patron, and explore Kesharim K’doshim Mussar (Sacred Connections Mussar) with us. You can follow our mussar explorations on Instagram and Facebook with #MussarWithMe.

Patrons at the $5/month + as of Sept 25, 2019 will be receive a copy of Kesharim K’doshim Mussar cards to enhance their experience each month. Only a few decks will be made available to the general public in October 2019.

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