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For the past couple of years I’ve invited people into my mussar practice via #MussarWithMe. Basically, I’ve shared my mussar journal on Instagram and in more detail on my Patron-only blog to see what we could learn from each other. Over the years, I’ve found blogging my spiritual journey has helped me connect with like-souls and those on similar or tangential journeys.

In 5780, I’ll be continuing #MussarWithMe – but with a new twist.

Beginning in Tishrei (aka Rosh Hashanah, aka September 2019) I’m going to begin sharing a Kohenet-ized approach to Mussar and a whole new cycle of middot (soul-traits) which are aligned both with the Jewish Wheel of the Year and the Netivot (pathways of Divine Femme).

If you are new to Mussar, start here. ➤➤➤

And, it occurred to me that one way to start shifting into this approach to Mussar practice, would be to design a set of cards to use as focal points for prayers, chanting, candle-work, breath-work, altars, etc.

So I’ve created a deck of cards to assist with the practice, and will be offering them to “Academy Members” ONLY patrons ) $5/month and up.   All patrons at the $5/month level and up, will begin receiving a monthly card in the mail.  The first mailing will go out the last week of Elul, so you hopefully have it in  time for Tishrei.  (international may take longer to arrive).

If you stay a Patron through all of 5780, you’ll get the full 13 month version of the deck by the end.  

Patrons at the $3/month level will not automatically receive the deck, but will be able to join in the monthly practice and receive the posts that provide guidance, each month. They will get first dibs on the few additional decks that I’ll be printing, though.

Anyone who is a $5/month and up Patron by Sept 25, 2019 will be eligible — new and existing patrons. So sign up today!

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