Shaddai Shiviti Glitter Sticker


Shaddai Shiviti Glitter Sticker (3″ x 3″)

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This listing is for ONE (1) SHADDAI SHIVITI GLITTER STICKER (3″ x 3″)

This is a Shaddai “Shiviti” amulet sticker based on first an embroidered shrine I made from 18th century amulet.

Shaddai is a name for the Divine in Jewish tradition that is associated with nurturing and is used commonly in birth amulets and on mezuzahs. The name is connect to the word for “breast” in Hebrew, and is said to be a Hebrew acronym for “Guardian of the Doorways of Yisrael.” The sticker has just a touch of glitter details to make it shine.

A shiviti is a style of Jewish protective amulets that feature a name of the Divine prominently, inspired by Psalm 16:8 “I am ever mindful of the LORD’s presence.” (translation via

The design is based on an original work of fiber art by Kohenet Ketzirah HaMa’agelet and then transformed into digital art.

Sticker design created by Kohenet Ketzirah haMa’agelet.
IG: @devotaj_arts

Perfect for journals, phones, sketch/craft booking, water bottles and more. The stickers are long lasting, waterproof, and high quality.

Want a bundle of amulet stickers?

About Glitter Stickers:
* Premium glittery metalized PET film with a permanent adhesive
* PET laminate with UV screening to protect from sunlight and weather
* 2-4 year outdoor life
* PVC free product


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