The beginning of the 'Hallel' (Psalm 113). Vellum manuscript from the Barcelona Haggadah. Catalonia; 14th century. Shelfmark: Add. 14761 Page Folio Number: f.65v The British Library, London, Great Britain
Cosmic Reference Library
Naming the Moons
Naming the Moons
Tree filled with nazar amulets | Photo by Hulki Okan Tabak via Unsplash
Sacred Arts Foundations Class
Prosperity pocket shrine set with ceremonial items
Shiviti, Shrines, Altars, and Amulets
Golem/et by Devotaj Sacred Arts
Amulet Stickers
את: a Netivot Wisdom Oracle - Eht/Aht (Object/You) Card and Back Design
Netivot Wisdom Oracle
The Weaving of Eve
Zehirut_ | Illuminated Awareness | Adar
Kesharim K’doshim Mussar
Devotaj Sacred Arts Logo: Flame with Heart Star

devotaj = actions of devotion

Devotaj Sacred Arts is a radical collaboration of the sacred arts
rooted in Jewish magickal, healing, and folk practices
across space, time, and the all worlds.

listening to the sacred and effectively interpreting those messages.

the skill, art, or craft that one uses for channeling sacred messages into tangible form.

creating and facilitating experiences intended to empower and transform.

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